Supercake is the only savior left in the Binance Smart Chain to spare the population of Silios from dark forces!


In a very far planet called Silios, in the year 2508, members from all over the planet gathered together to confront the undesired and upcoming event of Kekarok, the known infamous end of the days of the planet Silios.

It’s the unique race of superpowerful special forces, hidden until this day, who will stand against all malicious religion and believings to protect the population of Silios against evil.

Supercakes are the only option to save the inhabitants of Silios from the end of it’s days.


During the Battle of Bakana, a few Supercakes forced themselves until the point where they transformed into another phase level, where no one could match their powerful force and their physique was so frightening that even dark creatures left the Battle running away.

These Supercakes ended up being the most powerful beings in the galaxy, only held by those who could bear such legendary power and strength without any difficulties.


Our utility will center around writing stories and creating collections of each one, being buyable with the native token of Supercake $SC. First collections will be mintable randomly, giving everyone the same chance to get a legendary NFT or a less rare one.

By having the capability of buying the NFT’s with our own token, we will be able to grow funds to finance this project so that it can keep being alive and evolving with a community as big as it gets!


The team is formed by Josh, the owner of a small channel @TheJungleBSC

He deployed the contract and took responsibility regarding marketing plans, and Samuel, the designer who is gonna be making all the NFT’s you will all love.

Both are based in Spain and are doxxed since Josh is very well known by the greatest celebrities in the BSC space.






Web designer


Community manager


Graphic designer


Our platform will also allow access to the next NFTs and additional tools, with portfolio visualization, so that navigation through the world of cryptocurrencies is simple and intuitive.


By holding the token and 2 NFT, you’re gonna be elegible to entry in one of the most exclusive Telegram groups in the whole BSC!

We will provide you with exclusive information of the latest whitelist events, calls, rumors, and even news. You will know everything before anyone.

Burning mechanism

1% of all all tokens received from NFT buys will go to burn supply!

Supercake stories

Each of collection of NFT’s will have it’s own story. This way they will be more valuable since there will be a context of what’s happening in your visual art.


The minting of the first two NFT’s collections will be completely random. This way we will asure fairness at the time of buying, and everyone will have the same chance to get rare ones. This will be changed in future collections, as more buyers pay interest to our project.


SuperCake it’s the brother of $CAKEMOON, and the only superhero in the Cankeda galaxy who is capable of saving her from the hands of dark creatures.

Your SuperCakes live in the BEP-20 blockchain as ERC -721 tokens, and remain stored forever in your wallet once you buy them. You can appreciate them in your Metamask wallet or in the PancakeSwap Marketplace.

SuperCake it’s a collection of NFT’s and it’s also tied to it’s own token to give utility to the NFT and the token at the same time.

Both the price of the token and the NFT will depend on each other, since you will need $SC tokens to buy the NFT’s!

When buying Supercake you’re not only gonna be holding one of the greatest pieces of art of the XV century but you’re also gonna be contributing to one of the best communities of the BSC space! We will gather all the most known influencers and we will share the same space, time and conversations in our Telegram group.

All Supercakes will sell at the floor price of 4k $SC. Owners will then be able to decide to wether keep them or resell them at a higher price.

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